Who comes to Walk the Bear?

Research indicates that more than 80% of people have considered seeking psychological support, but only 12% have actually visited a psychologist or similar.

"Visiting a psychologist is to your brain what the gym is to your body"

Most of our clients do not have a specific mental health diagnosis, but are seeking support to lead a calmer, more fulfilling life.

Beyond people who regularly visit counsellors, many of our clients are people who have decided that conventional therapy, sitting face-to-face with someone in an unfamiliar office, is not for them, for a number of reasons.

They come to us because it is different. They are intrigued by the idea of walking while they talk – and feel that is more fun, and less constrictive and intimidating than meeting a new person in a strange room.

Walking and talking is a great way to unload, to develop new perspectives and strategies and to start feeling better.

Why come to Walk the Bear?

  • To express yourself and BE HEARD.
  • To maintain or improve psychological well-being
  • To get help in reacting and adapting to sudden or long-term stress or adversity
  • To get help to cope with crisis or other unexpected life event
  • For specialist support in changing addictive or otherwise problematic behaviours, such as smoking, internet and alcohol use.
  • Improving symptoms of light depression and anxiety
  • To get support in caring for friends or family in crisis or with long-term conditions

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