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“Addiction is when something tricks your brain into thinking you need it to survive.”

To change unhelpful behaviours and adopt helpful ones.

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    Behaviour Change

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Get back on track with our bespoke behaviour change programmes to help you stop bad habits and take up good ones.

Walk the Bear provide specialist tailored support when you want to change addictive or otherwise problematic behaviours, such as smoking, internet and alcohol use.

You can choose a Behaviour Change Programme that is as long or as short as you like, but we have two core programmes, which have shown to be very effective.

Programmes Include:

Behaviour Change Express

Behaviour Change Express is a 5-session course, including assessment, instruction in behaviour change techniques (BCTs), planning and follow-up. You will be asked to set a quit date (if you are giving up a bad habit) or commencement date (if you are starting a good habit) on a day between your second and third sessions.

Behaviour Change Guarantee

Our Behaviour Change Guarantee programme runs across eight sessions, including three preparatory sessions, four follow-up sessions, and a final follow-up session three months later. Materials and home assignments are included, as well as the opportunity for online support between sessions, if desired.

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